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Let’s face it, as solitary as we writers may be, most of us still need their “tribe” – a flock of like-minded, helpful souls we can bounce ideas or swap drafts with, who provide feedback, cheerleading, niggling, stitching up of plotholes, and often quick research help. And sometimes they just listen and let you rant and make you feel better about your work when you doubt yourself. I consider myself the luckiest of bunnies because I got sucked into a group that fulfills all of these needs and more – the Writer Alliance, a bunch of smart, creative, kind, and all in all wonderful folks. I’m grateful to have these guys.


Sunyi Dean —  Twitter  —  Website

Essa Hansen —  Twitter  —  Website

Alia Hess —  Twitter  —  Website


Shelly Campbell —  Twitter  —  Website

Darby Harn —  Twitter  —  Website



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