Leigh is a German-born author, graphic artist, and computer fiend who’s been writing for the past 30 years under various names. She is currently busy with the War Singer series and related novellas, which can be classified as Sword and Sorcery with a dash of Epic and a generous sprinkling of romance and relationshipping. A second series, this one Urban Fantasy, is in the planning stages. Leigh’s fiction usually comes with a fantastic element and is heavily character-driven.

When she isn’t reading or writing, Leigh is mostly busy with graphic design, reading/researching, drawing, and herding bunnies (both fictional and real).


Currently, Leigh offers the following paid services:


editing (both English and German)


  • editorial assessment: evaluation of big-picture issues like characterization, plot, structure and style, compiled in a separate document summary; grammar or spelling errors are ignored.
  • developmental editing: significant structuring and/or restructuring advice as tracked changes directly inside the manuscript, with in-depth focus on issues like characterization, plot, structure and style; grammar or spelling errors are ignored.




  • English to German
  • German to English


cover design and related graphic design


  • pre-made exclusive cover designs (with non-exclusive images and stock photos), adaptable to your needs, with revisions limited to 2 before publication
  • personalized exclusive cover designs (with non-exclusive images and stock photos) based on your guidelines, with revisions limited to 3 before publication
  • wraparound versions of your chosen cover design for print editions of your book, with revisions limited to 3 before publication
  • covers for audio versions of your book
  • banners and avatars for various social media sites or your website
  • promotional graphics like print or ebook reader mockups
  • bookmarks, t-shirts, mug designs


secure WordPress for authors


  • installation, theme & plugin configuration, basic security measures
  • updates and regular maintenance


Service rates may vary and usually depend on your specific needs. In regards to editing services, fees for experienced authors are usually lower than beginner rates, since in most cases less work on the editor’s side is required. Usually a trial chapter at a fixed entry price shows if editor and author are a good fit. For further information please send an inquiry via the contact form.


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